Born on May 14, 1986 in Johnson City, TN – it was hard for Jordan to smile. Made to overcome adversity, Jordan knew what it was like to be in need… to go to sleep hungry and not knowing what he was going to wake up to. It was something different every day, and always a lot of drama! He had trust issues due to the fact that people would pop into his life and then disappear just as quickly.

It was a cycle to which Jordan quickly became accustomed: No male role model and no family support. He felt abandoned, rejected, and unloved. Jordan’s mother did her best to raise him and his sisters, but it was hard to do – working 3 jobs with long hours to try to keep food on the table. Jordan had a lot of alone time, and most of that time was spent roaming the streets.

In and out of trouble starting at a young age: Counselors couldn’t help, anger management did nothing for him, cuffs couldn’t stop him, and authority could not get through to him. Jordan was his own boss, a latch-key kid who trusted no one. The thought of people letting him down hurt, so he kept people at bay. He was abused in many forms and he lost his innocence early on. The scars ran deep and the pain has still not fully gone away. Life was hard, but he knew nothing else so to him it was all good … It was just the life he knew. Deep inside, though, there was always something nagging in the back of his brain. He always wanted more, and he wanted to help others around him in need.

Jordan began working on music in the Spring of 2011 by the leading of his faith in Jesus. Many prophetic words had been spoken about Jordan doing music and speaking in front of the masses, but he never really opened up to anyone growing up. So speaking and performing has been a weakness of Jordan’s other than performing on the basketball court. Jordan wanted to be a professional basketball player, but God had other plans.

Not knowing anything about the music industry, Jordan began reaching out to a few producers in the Christian industry who were willing to work out some incredibly good deals for Jordan. This opened the door for Jordan to have a few beats to write to. He still had no place to record until Marcos Stoney (another artist) heard Jordan working on his first song and he loved it. Jordan recorded his first song with Marcos and finished his first album within the year with Synphany recording and engineering the whole album.

The leaps of faith Jordan made to follow God’s leading has turned into thousands of lives being impacted for the gospel through Jordan’s testimony and his music. To make a change in his families life and in those lives around him is what drives Jordan to continue with his music.